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Jacob was a cheater;
Peter had a temper;
David had an affair;
Noah got drunk;
Jonah ran away from God;
Paul was a murderer;
Gideon was insecure;
Miriam was gossiper;
Martha was a nervous wreck;
Thomas was a doubter;
Sarah was impatient;
Elijah was depressed;
Moses stuttered;
Zaccheus was short;
Abraham was old and
Lazarus was dead.
God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called.
Anonymous asked: All this about Christians being killed in Iraq really is scary. Why would God allow this to happen?



Hey there, 

It certainly is terrifying and as fellow Christians, we should be doing all that we can for our persecuted brothers and sisters. Make sure to pray for them. 

Jesus told us persecution would happen. (Let’s make something fundamentally clear, what is currently happening in Iraq is actual persecution. The whole Chick-fil-A kind of thing is not persecution. Many (if not pretty much all) Western Christians have it easy and have their religious rights protected. I cannot empathise with the Christian communities in Iraq and so on at the moment because I cannot understand what they’re going through nor can I claim that I would be as strong in my faith as they are.) Following Christ often involves walking into darkness to bring the light of the world to people. It’s not easy. 

But let’s also think: why do we allow it to happen? Why have we as humanity created a world of persecution? Why do we watch from a distance and numb and separate ourselves? Why do we let it always be someone else who has to make the change? 

God bless 

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